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The Garance ROSÉ range collects our lightest pieces of vegetable dye, p uis these colors come from an artisanal process which sometimes presents small imperfections. Of great artistic, ecological and ethical value, these pieces will possibly be conducive to fading more than the Garance OG model, but we still want to make these unique pieces available to you in order to avoid waste. and unnecessary overproduction.

This handcrafted piece is dyed with herbicide-free madder and adorned with the pencil stroke of Alexis Dauphinais , a young local artist.

The madder that we use to dye our sweaters is a perennial plant whose root is harvested by a Quebec herbalism.
Until 1914, the uniforms of the metropolitan infantry of the French army were dyed with madder root. In addition, from the 17th to the 19th century, many British soldiers were dressed in coats with vivid pigments of this same root.

100% GOTS certified organic cotton
Vegetable dye
Hand dyed
Produced in Quebec

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