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Our 100% ORGANIC COTTON sweaters GOTS are not only ultra soft and more durable, but are an eco-responsible choice. Excluded from all pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, its cultivation requires less water consumption and the removal of these chemicals spares the workers who cultivate it from harmful health problems while preserving our ecosystem from drastic devastation. 

All of our sweaters are naturally DYED FROM PLANTS such as plants, roots and nuts to provide fashion lover the miraculous virtues of vegetable dye. At the same time, we want to create an ecological option that goes against the disastrous impacts that chemical dyeing has on their dyers and the environment.

Each naturally hand-dyed piece is unique and precious. The artisanal process from which they derive have also pushed us to continue our artistic movement by encouraging ARTISTES QUÉBÉCOIS by the exhibition of their works on our pieces via an ecological process of WATER SCREEN of high quality. 

PROUDLY WOVEN IN QUEBEC , our jerseys come from a manufacturer concerned with providing employment to the local population.